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First line support role based in Paris working with the customer team covering studios, live galleries, MCR, graphics and post production edit suites.

8-hours rotating shifts, from 06:30 until 14:30 and from 14:30 until 22:30 including weekends and public holidays. 12 month contract with possible extension paying €40,000.


Technical Support

Maintenance of day-to-day operation and after-sales service, according to recommendations of equipment manufacturers; diagnostics and repair of equipment.

Day-to-day operation

  • Verification of the completeness and operability of the equipment, at least 2 times for each day of operation of the complex
  • Customisation of hardware pursuant to oral and written requests of the Customer's personnel
  • Providing consultations (in person, by phone, e-mail) to the Customer's personnel on the use of hardware pursuant to oral and/or written requests
    After-sales service
  • Preventive and service works in accordance with recommendations given by hardware manufacturers on frequency and scope of works
  • Updating the software, as agreed with the Customer
  • Dust extraction of Customer's equipment: at least once a month
  • Repair/replacement of cables and connectors
  • Reception of inquiries (in person, by phone, e-mail) from the Customer's personnel regarding hardware malfunctions
  • Search and diagnosis of causes of malfunctions, troubleshooting of causes of hardware malfunctions
  • Replacement of defective hardware
  • Remote technical support, telephone and e-mail consultations. Engagement of specialised experts from hardware manufacturers to solve the problems on troubleshooting the causes of malfunctions, after-sales service and proper functioning of the equipment.
  • Generation of written reports on the causes of malfunctions and methods of troubleshooting
  • Provision of a technical opinion containing conclusions about the causes of equipment failure, recommendations for troubleshooting the causes and recommendations for its further operation. Availability of service protocols and acts of preventive, after-sales service and other works.
Alan Hatvany
020 8948 9406
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