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Presenter & News Anchor 

An experienced Presenter/Anchor is required by our international news client delivering live and recorded segments for an international output.

As a Presenter you are to be the face of the daily shows. Your role is to inform the international audience by presenting information in an accessible way. Working closely with Senior Producers and Producers, you will present ideas for the daily output and interpret and present news stories so that viewers can understand them and remain engaged.  

Job objectives:

  • Introduce and host programmes 
  • Provide links between programmes 
  • Read from a script or autocue or improvise 
  • Keep the programme running to schedule, responding positively and quickly to problems or changes and improvise where necessary  
  • Research topics and background information for items to be featured on the programme. 
  • Plan and rehearse shows 
  • Write and sometimes memorise scripts 
  • Write News reports 
  • Report breaking news as it unfolds and able to sustain live broadcasts without prompter 
  • Interact with reporters while on air 
  • Conduct accurate interviews with guests in the studio, virtually or through pre recorded interviews 
  • Keep in contact with the director and production team in the studio galley, via ear piece link 
  • Engage in digital and social media 

Person specification:




  • Proven record as an engaging television News Presenter  
  • International news gathers and television field experience 
  • Experience at presenting business, financial, international news to a general audience in a compelling way 
  • Strong interviewing skills 
  • Ability to digest complex issues quickly and present those issues in a direct and simple way 
  • Good understanding of global economic, trade, market issues 
  • Good understanding of international news, current affairs and world history 
  • Strong television news writing skills 



  • Degree in Journalism, communications or related field 
Adrian Thomas
07591 387332
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